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Want business success? Then take a big RISK!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Aug 20, 2010

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Over the last 11 years that I have run my business, I have learned a lot of things. One of the big lessons I was reintroduced to in the last year or so is taking risks. Jumping out into the unknown and trying something new can be pretty scary especially if it is going to cost a bundle if you fail.

As I think about this and think about some clients and prospects I have talked to over the years, we all want the same thing SUCCESS. None of us want to fail, but I ask you this– what items are holding you back from reaching success? Many people have asked me– what ROI are we going to get on our marketing? Although I pride myself and my company on offer the highest return on investment I can possibly get for my clients, it is hard to pin down an exact figure and even harder to guarantee.

So I am hear to tell you that even in the worse business (and life) mistakes I have made, I have learned a lot. I am now able to look at these tough times and find the positive gems and use them to move me to the next phase in business or life. What we need to do is not be so fearful of fear. Just get out there and take a big risk that gets the blood pumping, your heart or stomach jumping and see what you get from it.

Honestly, I have come out better on the other side even in the tough times. But when things work, when they really work it is amazing how this risk can truly change you or your business. I made a huge leap of faith with this new thing called Inbound Marketing last year. Today it is the #1 thing we sell above all other forms of marketing. Partly because it works if you do the work (it is a lot of work, but worth every ounce of sweat you put into it), and partly because it is the best marketing for tracking the results that we always strive to reach with our clients.

We have recently taken on a new risk and we will let you know how it works out over the next few months or years. After talking with a friend and fellow business owner it struck me how often we hold ourselves back by fear to make a leap into the unknown.

That being said…

What big risk is waiting for you or holding you back?

What risks have you taken and what has been your experience both good and bad?

Please share them below in the comment section. I bet this could be a very interesting conversation.

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