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Redefining Business Success: Coffee talk or free mentoring?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sat, Aug 14, 2010

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I had a great conversation this morning with a very wise business person, coach, mentor, speaker, writer and all around Small Business Prophet, Mr. Tony Ford. You know how you invite someone out to talk business and catch up over coffee and sometimes the conversation leads you to a place you never thought you would be going? Well that is what happened Thursday morning.

I ran into Tony a few weeks ago and have been meaning to catch up with him to talk a little shop and have a few laughs. Of course, once I set the appointment and met with him, we did plenty of this. We also got into a very interesting conversation that lasted roughly 2.5 hours. Where does the time go.

Ok, now I certainly could talk business all day long, but this was different. I learned a lot about Tony and what is in his hopper. Hearing him tell some of these stories really helps you connect and know he has been down the road you may have thought you traveled alone. The road of the small business owner. As Tony put it, "This can be a lonely road".

Within the next breath, he brings up that we are a huge group (small business owners) and that others are going through the exact same thing we are. If you read yesterdays post, there are some 28 million businesses in the US alone. This got me to thinking.

I think this is very true. The next thought from a wise man is how can you help others in order to keep them from going through the same mistakes that you or I have made. God knows, I have made a ton of them. Is this something that can be used to make a difference in someone life? Of course it can.

So although this conversation just flowed and ebbed through the world of business talk. It is fun finding yourself walking away thinking about things bigger then YOU and YOUR SMALL WORLD. Something amazing has just happened.

Yes, I walked away enlightened and inspired to look at some things a little differently. I also walked away asking questions that I will pose to you.

What are you doing with your knowledge and experience in life and business?

Are you taking it with you to the grave or are you finding a way to apply to to other peoples lives?

This was more than an everyday conversation over coffee. It gave me something to ponder and think about. I hope that this article passes this on to you and especially to other business owners. I hope you find yourself asking the above questions or others.

If nothing else maybe this is something to ponder, but in the best case you find yourself someone to pass along your great life and or business experiences to, so that the next generation of leaders and business owners can go further or faster at making the world a better place.

The road does not have to be a long, winding, and lonely road. Get out there and make it less lonely or tough for someone in your life!

Although coffee can be good, the conversation may be great, maybe the free mentoring is beyond what you could have ever hoped for.

Thanks Tony!

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