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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Branding through email signatures is good customer service!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Aug 11, 2010

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When it comes to building your brand, there are many areas to market yourself and your company - Business Cards, Websites, Brochures, etc., etc.. One area that sometimes is greatly overlooked is in your email signature. This however can be a very big mistake.

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to give a client, partner or vendor a call and you are unable to find their phone number. This could be a missed opportunity if you get so frustrated that you decide to just give up and call someone else. If you do not have this person's business card, you are probably digging through old emails. If each email they send does not have a branded signature, you might be out of luck.

Ok so what items must you have in your email signature to build a strong brand by not only speaking the brand message, but making it easy for anyone to get in touch with you?

Here are the items we recommend for a strongly branded email signature:

  1. Your Full Name - don't be casual here, provide your full name. How many Johns or Sarahs do you know?

  2. Your Company Name

  3. Your Company Address - people may want to mail things to you, make it easy on them. This also makes it easy if they are going to meet you at your office and need to search MapQuest for your location.

  4. Your Phone Number - you can have one number or several depending upon your level or how often you are at your desk. If you prefer being reached by your cell phone, maybe you only put this number or at least put this one first.

  5. Your Website Address - this is important make it easy on your clients or prospects to check out your site. Don't forget to make this a link so that it is easy to click instead of copying and pasting it in a browser, again think ease of use for the client/prospect.
  1. Other Options -

    • Your Blog - it is important to promote your blog and this is a great missed opportunity for most companies.

    • Your Social Media Accounts - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. It is all about connecting and interacting with clients, vendors and prospects do not miss this chance to get more fans or following.

    • You Fax Number - depending upon the type of business you are in, this may be very important or not important at all. We rarely fax anything so we do not include this on our signatures, but if you are in an industry that faxes regularly then add this to the signature.

    • Your Tagline - this is a great place to reinforce what it is that you do and drive your brand message home with every email.
    • Toot Your Own Horn - If you or your company has just won some award or certification, you might also want to promote these things for a few months in your email signature.

If you use gmail or some other form of free online email software, you might want to check out WiseStamp. WiseStamp is great at building really solid branded email signatures. See the example below that was created in WiseStamp. We do not recommend using these free email since having a branded email like dale@getbrandwise.com is so much stronger than brandwise1971@gmail.com.

Dale Berkebile

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Suite 206
Fort Worth, TX 76116

P:   817 . 244
. 0990
E:   dale@getbrandwise.com

W:  getBRANDWISE.com
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If you want to make it easy for people to do business with you an email signature is a must have. We would love to hear your thoughts on either the struggles you have run into with people not using email signatures or other ideas on what you like to add to your email signatures. Just comment below to share your ideas.

Good Luck and happy emailing!

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