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Don't Break the bank with expensive Advertising!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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There are a lot of print, radio and television ads out there today. You know the funny thing is, only roughly 5-20% of all ads out there are effective. It seems, typical advertising is becoming less and less effective everyday. People however are not slowing down on the advertising, because advertising is sexy. It is a big ego boost seeing your hot new ad in print, but it seems more and more todays ads are done by less professional designers with no true understanding of Advertising as a science, they understand the art side of things, just not the science.

This is why we tell small businesses to avoid any form of advertising.

To be successful with marketing you need to continually be doing something. Advertising spending is very costly and really only works when you hire a very advanced professional (a top-end agency that has been around for years). Before you move forward with any advertising ask to see the client track record and results the designer (or agency) has gotten for their clients.

Since CASH is King for any business, but especially for small to medium sized businesses, it is not wise to try a form of marketing that you can not guarantee will get you results. Worse, it is not wise to try a form of marketing that you can not keep doing for the long-term. As a matter of fact once you start marketing, you should really never stop.

In order to break through the clutter your prospect needs to see you 13-15 times. Think of the cost of placing 15 ads, the design and copy price and the time investment. This could very easily add up to several tens of thousands of dollars.

Google is the new yellow pages! For as little as $10K you could have a new website with a lot of bells and whistles and our inbound marketing system would include training to help you understand how to get the most of your website & blog.

You would be able to triple your current website traffic and start generating leads in the first three months. Can your advertising produce or prove it's results in an easily measurable way? Chances are unlikely, that is, unless you hired one of the top 10% of high-end advertising specialist (with a high-end price tag, but they certainly deserve it if they are getting you results and new business).

The online marketing is different though since we now are able to see business/sales focused analytics, viewed visually as bar graphs and other charts. Another idea is to break your marketing spend into smaller amounts by working with a firm that offers on-going retainer type pricing. This helps you dole out money on a smaller scale monthly so you can keep some cash on hand. This also keeps your marketing efforts moving forward and allows you to build regular awareness which in turns builds a stronger brand.


If you would like to learn more on how to build a marketing system that feeds your sales team leads and can be done in an affordable way, then sign up for a free demo and start Demanding Success from your website!

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