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Sales Goals Tip - Time management by Getting 4 Points everyday!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Jul 09, 2010

Get 4 Points daily to meet your sales goals - image

As I was going through some papers on my desk, I ran across a sales accountability sheet I wrote a while back. For all you sales experts out there, I am curious if you use a similar tool to make sure you are reaching all your sales goals.

I must have picked this up through a book or training program, but I can not remember where it came from and before I was taking on so many tasks to run my company, I used to shoot for getting these 4 point everyday.

Here is how it works. In order to stay productive and manage your time well you get a scorecard everyday. Your goal is to reach 4 points everyday.

Here is how you score sales goal points.

  1. Get a lead, a referral, or an introduction to a decision maker -
    1 POINT

  2. Getting an appointment to meet the decision maker -
    2 POINTS

  3. Meeting the decision maker face-to-face -
    3 POINTS
  4. Getting a commitment to a close (a purchase) or an action that directly leads to a close -
    4 POINTS

So you see all you have to do is fulfill any combination of these daily habits and add the points. If you get 4 points everyday you should be easily meeting your sales goals.

That being said, I ask you to share your thoughts on this technique.

  • Have you used this technique?
  • Do you use a similar technique, if so what is it?
  • How successful is a daily habitual tool like this for reaching your sales goals?
Please share your thoughts below in the comments section of this article.

Tags: Sales Techniques, roi, Sales Tools

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