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eSurance re-Branding - What are your thoughts?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Jun 15, 2010

So last night I was watching a little TV when I noticed a commercial I had seen before, but had not paid attention to enough to know what company the commercial was advertising. Last night though, I took notice that is was Esurance. The video had no animation and no cartoony graphics/logo any where. The new logo was designed by a high-end designer since things were clean and professional.

The funny thing is this really made we thinkā€¦ was this commercial for the eSurance company that had always used "Erin" eSurance the animated character?

So after doing a little research, I found out that Esurance had in fact changed their logo, brand and commercials. The next thing I thought is how well is this transition going to go. It seems there is no easing into the new logo & brand. On one hand this will be good, but on another this will also confuse the marketplace. I bet it will take a year or two for everyone to fully relate the new brand to the "eSurance" of the past.

eSurance spent nearly $92 million on ads and media last year says the NY Times article announcing the new agency of record. Before this new agency was selected, eSurance did all their branding internal and now are looking to outsource things.


Old Brand:
So to refresh your memory, here is an animated commercial with Erin eSurance.


New Brand:
Now, here is the new and improved logo, brand and commercials.


What are your thoughts on this change? Please answer these few questions for the polls listed below and see what others think.