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CEO's pick for Best state to do business is...

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, May 13, 2010

Chief Executive just did an article on the CEO's Pick for Best / Worst States for Business.

In 2010, Texas again ranks #1 state for business. California on the other hand came in 51 (DC was included on the list).

Who would have thought. It seems as though Texas has been ranked #1 for the past 5 years. At the same time CA and NY have not changed in the last 5 years either. NY has ranked #50 and again, CA #51.

Part of the rankings were based upon:

  1. Best and Worst State Rankings
    • Taxation & Regulation
    • Workforce Quality
    • Living Environment
  2. State GDP
    • % of Growth '04-'08
    • Growth in terms of National Average
  3. Unemployment Rate
    • Unemployment Rate % Dec. 2008
    • Comparison w/ National Unemployment Rate %
  4. Domestic Migration
  5. State Government

To read the story and see where your state ranks for businesses, check on the CEO's Pick of the Best / Worst States for Business.