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SNL proves the power of social media through (broken) hip advertising

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, May 10, 2010

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Some of you may have stayed up late Saturday night to watch Saturday Night Live to see the oldest SNL host to-date, Betty White at 88 years old. How could this have happened?

Let me show you:



Now you can see how this is a great commercial and how it could easily reach out to a young audience. It also crosses generations by using Betty White.

Now let's look at the power of suggestion and building of followings of like minded people. Due to this commercial a group was built by Dave Mathews (I think), a 29 year old. This group said hey, Betty is funny, why not try to get her on SNL. So when 500,000 people decide they want to get something, all they need to do is unite and send a regular and ongoing message to the final decision makers in this case NBC. Check out the Facebook site that got the oldest host on SNL - Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!.

So what the point of this story? If you want to get something done or make a change in your life, one way to do that is to become an influencer just as Dave Mathews did. Set up a Facebook, twitter and other social media pages and start rallying the troops. Here is the true beauty of social media, 5 years ago Dave may only been able to get a small grassroots following in his hometown. He probably would not have been able to find several hundred people willing to get on board with trying to get Betty White on SNL. Today however, it is very easy to reach like minded people all over the world. So if you have a very niche interest (like getting Betty White on SNL), you are able to build followers and friends that you normally wouldn't be able to reach through other forms of personal interactions.

Keep in mind this goes for everything from B2B ideas, or politics (Obama), or just getting the type of TV programming you want. Small niche groups are now forming and connecting on a global level. This means ideas can be shared and excellerated in a much quicker fashion than anything before the social media revolution. This is why the social media tools are excellent marketing tools.

So if you are not out there influencing the buyers of your products get out there and share your ideas. You can easily fulfill the needs of niche markets just by blogging, tweeting and building fans!

Tags: Social Media, Social Networking, Facebook, Social Media Empowering Change

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