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Have you noticed how LinkedIn is becoming similar to Facebook?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Apr 27, 2010

So LinkedIn added a new tool to their arsenal to help you use LinkedIn more effectively. Check out some of their newly added tools:

  • the "Share an update" tool (looks very familiar to the What's on your mind - Facebook tool)
  • the "Add URL" tool (don't forget to add a link back to that great article you read - like this one, or to your own blog articles, landing pages or web site)
  • lastly the control what it looks like feature 

In my opinion these are some very much needed tools. You see although I have personally had a LinkedIn profile for 4-5 years, I never got too much out of this profile. This was mostly do to the fact that I didn't put much into it.

In the last year though Brandwise has been very active with blogging and social media. In that time, we have more than doubled our testimonials one our profile, make several dozen new connections, been ranked #1 answer several times, built a stronger relationship with previous contacts by educating them on what we were up to, and most importantly started getting actual contacts requesting bids and turning into clients.

You too can use this great tool more effectively these days. I would say these new tools will help however it is a lot of work and you must go into it with a strategy. If you commit to 5-10 hours a week of solid inbound marketing, your activities and website will become comparable to a decent salesperson a a much lower cost.

If you would like to learn more about these tools, check out this article for full details on each tool.

Good luck and don't forget to connect with me in order to show me your new updates - Dale Berkebile's LinkedIn Profile.