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Design a Logo for SPUD WEBB – NBA Slam Dunk Champion?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Apr 22, 2010

So I got a tweet from a Brandwise twitter follower. They thought we might like to review the opportunity to design a logo for Spud Webb.

Apparently Spud Webb went to a cheep logo design site to request a bid for a logo. From my understanding any designer can submit their logo and get some great exposure and all of $300 for their work.

Wow, you mean a professional basketball player is willing to let go of $300 for a logo. I bet that is really cutting into Spud's annual income. I bet he has been saving up for years to be able to afford this expense luxury item.

Ok obviously you can see why I am laying this on pretty thick. Because I figured my comment would be monitored and there was a good chance Mycroburst would not post this comment, I thought I needed to share it with all my readers. I hope you find this enlightening, entertaining and maybe even upsetting. I wonder if I could hire a home builder to build my new home, I got $300 bucks what more could you want? I'll give you exposure on my company web site so it is obviously a win-win right?


Comment starts here:

"I must say one of my twitter followers passed this on to me to review. All I can say is does this organization and Spud Webb also support child labor and sweat shops?

As a professional in the branding industry I find it repulsive that someone who makes a decent living would ask someone to work for so little. Hey Spud, I’m starting a new basketball team, join it and you can be our number one player and you will get paid $50 a year!

Basically let’s say you find designers that are willing to do this because they have no self worth. Yes they may get some exposure and never see a cent of the millions this logo will help produce. Think of the Air Jordan logo, how much money has that made for Nike and Michael Jordan? Boatloads, right? I bet Erin Patton one of the men responsible for the Air Jordan brand success didn’t get paid $300.

When are business people going to show respect to the design community?

And hey designers – WISE UP!

If you are a professional than you need to get paid like one. You bring a ton of value to the brand if you are talented.

Starting prices for logos should be 10 fold, but for a celebrity national or global brand try starting at 100+ fold.

To see what a professional logo looks like and to hire a professional to develop your logo go here – http://www.getbrandwise.com/portfolio/logos/

We are the logo slam dunk champions!"


Keep in mind we are not trying to slander anyone, just educate the public on the true value of a logo and brand building.

Good Luck Spud!

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