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Earth Day: Words of wisdom I learned from Denmark!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Apr 22, 2010

In 2007 my wife and I spent our Honeymoon in Denmark, mostly in Copenhagen.

A few of the reasons we went to Denmark is:

  • Dainish Design is sleek, clean and beautiful (view Danish Design Center website for proof of this)
  • We wanted a nice location with plenty of time to focus on us and Copenhagen allowed us to do just this while living a sleek, clean beautiful lifestyle if only for a week
  • Denmark is known as one of the greenest countries in the world and we wanted to see what this would be like (view the Copenhagen Sustainable Meetings Protocol website to see how serious Denmark is on greener living)

Now that you know why we went, here is what we learned from Denmark. On our trip we went to the Dainish Design Center. One exhibit they had while we were there had this great saying on the floor -

be best,
not in,
but for
the world

See a photo of this bold mantra here.

The next powerful statement  was ona banner/sign and it stated -

you spend
money you
are casting
a vote
for the
kind of
you want.

See this photo on the getbrandwise flickr account.

The point of this article was to show the power of getting in the right mindset when it comes to sustainability.

What are you doing to really become a green business?


Check out the Brandwise Green Marketing page to learn more about what Brandwise is doing to be green.

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Tags: Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing, Environmentaly Friendly

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