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Blog Survey Results - See what people are saying!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Apr 13, 2010

Last week Brandwise put out a blog survey and promoted it via our blog, twitter and an email campaign. To-date we have roughly 20 people that have answered the survey. We are leaving the survey open for other to respond and share their input on their thoughts on blogs. If you have not taken the Brandwise Blog Survey, but are interested, please click the previous link to take the survey.

Brandwise Blog Survey Results - as of 4/13/10


Do you currently have a blog -

  • 80% of the respondents do actively blog
  • 10% have a blog set up, but do not actively post articles


 What blogging platform do you use -

  • 38% of users use Hubspot as their blogging tool
  • 38% use Wordpress
  • 19% use Blogger


How long ago did you start blogging -

  • 33% of the people responding started blogging in the last 6 months
  • 19% of the responders have been blogging for 1-2 years
  • 19% have been blogging for 2-3 years 


How often do you post -

  • 33% post once a week
  • 19% post several times per week
  • 19% post less then once a month

What were the reasons you started your blog -
  • tied - #1 response - To grow their business
  • tied - #1 response -  To increase my visibility with potential clients
  • #2 response - To establish myself as a thought-leader

How do you measure the return on investment of your blog -
  • #1 response - Track visitor analytics
  • #2 response - Track visitor to lead conversions
  • tied - #3 response - Track lead to customer conversions
  • tied - #3 response - I don't know


How much time per week do you spend creating content -

  • 66% say less then 3 hours per week


How much time per week do you spend planning and promoting your blog content -

  • 76% say less then 3 hours per week


What benefits, if any, has your business seen from your blog - 

  • #1 answer - seen an increase in web traffic
  • #2 answer - generated leads from our blog
  • #3 answer - met others in our industry through our blog


If you have seen an increase in traffic to your site as a result of your blog, how much has it increased - 

  • 57% have seen up to a 10% increase in web traffic
  • tie - 14% have seen a 25-50% increase in web traffic
  • tie - 14% have seen more then a 75% increase in web traffic 

We want to thank everyone who took this survey. If you would like to review all of the details and see future results you can go to this link

Brandwise has personally found our blog has really changed our online presence. We are getting roughly 750+ visitors to our blog every month. Our website is bringing in roughly 1200 visitors a month and we are converting our web visitors to leads at roughly a 2% conversion rate.

So if you haven't already started a company blog, now is the time. Yes it is a lot of work, but so is counting all the money an effective blog can help a company produce.

Build a stronger brand online- start blogging and become a thought leader in your industry.