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Fort Worth graphic design agency goes national.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Apr 14, 2010

Brandwise has had the ability to service customers on a national basis for years, but it was difficult to market on such a large scale. Today however, Brandwise is able to service both the local Fort Worth market and also regional and national clients with ease.

Today through the Brandwise blog and our social media accounts we are able to educate, establish trust and promote our services for a fraction of the cost of past marketing efforts.

Since Fort Worth is our home base we love serving our customers here and enjoy the face-to-face interaction we get with our clients here. On the other-hand we are able to round out our bottomline by being able to land clients on a national or global level. We have been picking up national clients from our graphic design and inbound marketing services. We are also building a following of international prospects, obviously language and culture can be a barrier on the international marketing, but we will take this as they come.

If your company can offer it's products or services on a local, regional, national or even an international level, you should look into building a strong inbound marketing web site. Although a site like this can become a lot of work or money depending on your situation and willingness to implement this program yourself, it is well worth it. In as little as one year you will be picking up national clients and greatly expanding your current reach to a much wider audience. So you do not have to offer graphic design, branding or inbound marketing to have success, you just have to be able to service a global community. 

In 3 to 6 months of using inbound marketing, you will be kicking yourself for not starting this type of program earlier.