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Inbound Marketing: You can't Manage what you don't Measure!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Mar 11, 2010

You can't Manage what you don't Measure! - image

So you have probably heard the old saying "You can't Manage what you don't Measure". So what does this really mean? How can you apply it to your business? How does this tie into Inbound Marketing and your web site?

Your in luck, because today we are going to give you the answers. As with anything you do in your company eventually it is going to come under-fire from someone in your company. If you have no way to prove what you are doing is beneficial to the company, your job or at very least this project may be terminated. As it should be if it is not improving the company.

Well, that fine and we will show you what kind of things you are able to not only manage but measure in an inbound marketing campaign or a web site/internet marketing campaign.

Through our inbound marketing system, you can measure:

  • Keywords and Key Phrases and your ranking on them in order to get found better on search engines.

  • SEO Page Grade - how effective is each page on your web site and how can you improve the results on every page.

  • Inbound Links - this shows how many external sites are linking into your web site. This is a very important way to climb the search engines. The more links you have, the higher and quicker you will rank in search engines.

  • Competitive Link Analysis - research and find out what your competitors are up to and which sites are linking into their site. This is great information to evaluate your own site.

  • Social Media Analysis - track and follow what people are saying in the social media about your brand or your industry. This tool makes it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of the social media.

  • Prospect Monitoring - watch which companies are checking out your web site. Use this tool become aware of who is using your site an then reach out to the these prospects or include them on future marketing efforts.

  • Leads -  this is a big one. This tool allows you to manage your leads from your web site (someone that fills out a form). Once they fill out a form, you can collect data on all the pages these leads have gone to. This also includes: Forms Submitted, Lead Details, Opportunity Details and LEad Nurturing Details.

  • Lead Nurturing - when your site is producing leads, you want to be able to continue and build a relationship with your new leads even if your sales team does not have the time to follow up on the "B" or "C" leads right now. Lead Nurturing is and email campaign that works your cool leads automatically trying to warm them up for your sales team.

  • Blog Analytics - measure the success of your blog. This tool tracks: Blog Subscribers, Visitors to your Blog, How Many Comments your Blog has gotten.

  • Social Media Reach - how big is your social media reach. This tool helps figure out how big of an audience you are publishing to. Track: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog, your web site Leads.

  • Competitive Analysis - find out how your site stacks up to your competition's site. Track up to 10 competitors and see where things fall over time. Track: Google Page Rank, Web Site Traffic Rank, Inbound Links, Google Indexed Pages, Keywords in Google's top 100.

  • Visits Per Sources - find out where your web traffic is coming from. Track: Organic Search, Referrals, Direct Traffic, Email Marketing, Social Media, Others.

  • Visits by Page - see your most popular web pages and evaluate what makes these so popular. How can you make the others even more popular?

Wow, with all this stuff at your finger tips the office bean counter is going elsewhere to look for things to cut. You on the other hand are going to be getting a raise for bringing a solid web based marketing system to your company. The CEO is now on a first name basis with you and living large while reading the stats you provide on a monthly or quarterly basis proving how successful your web site is.

Start managing your web site today and you can start measuring your new income tomorrow!

Request a web site redesign that adds all these tools and more to your web arsenal.

Measure your web site success today! - image

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