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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

5 Key Success Measurements
for effective web sites.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Mar 04, 2010

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When it comes to web sites very few companies understand what is truly important. Sadly most people get caught up on the look of a site and use that as a measurement saying to themselves "I like the look of that site, it is professional and easy to use." Although design and usability are a huge part of a successful web site, there is so much more you must have built into your site.

Here are the 5 Key Success Measurements
every business should track from their web site:

  1. Web Traffic - this is the most common and sometimes most misunderstood. The first goal for any web site is to get found and regularly increase traffic to the site. So over time you need to be growing the traffic to your site having each month or each quarter bringing in more and more traffic to the site. Where this is misunderstood though is it takes more than just high traffic volume to be successful. Business is not a popularity contest, it is about being profitable. Tons of traffic does not equate to profitability. You also want to know where your traffic is coming from so you can understand the most effective marketing that is bringing qualified visitors to the site.

  2. Interaction - are visitors coming to your site and leaving, or are they taking the time to make a comment on your blog, reviewing/rating your product/service or interacting in some other form. If you are able to get people to interact on your site you are doing something right. This usually takes some trial and error, but is well worth the effort. You should be tracking your visitor interactions on a monthly basis. This is something that should be growing over time. If you offer remarkable content and resources on your site people will not only come to your site once and leave, but come back often and recommend others uses the resource you are providing. Your site should be all about helping your prospect do what they do… better! Eventually this will start to build a community of like minded people and quality prospects.

  3. Sales Leads - generating leads with your web site is an often overlooked part of a web site. Once you start building traffic over time, you need a system to convert your visitors into sales leads. Typically people do not call or fill out a contact us form. These items are good to have, but you need a more strategic approach to generating leads. You need to create offers that will appeal to your target market. When done right, this will get prospects to take action and fill out a form tied to the offer you are making. Once you have a lead generation system on your site and you are making several offers to your prospects, you should start generating leads. Keep in mind however this takes time and practice to find the right offer to get really solid leads. This is a very important part of the success of your web site. If your site does not generate leads for your sales team, than it is unprofitable and costing you money. This is something that will probably start out slow, but as you master the best offers to get quality leads this will build. Each quarter you should be increasing your sales leads.

  4. Customer Conversions - once your site is creating a large number of Sales Leads and your sales team starts working these leads, you are going to start converting the leads into customers. You should be tracking how many customers your site is generating each month. Again, it may take 6 months to a year to tweak your site to start producing quality leads that are easy to convert, but once it starts you will not want it to stop. As you get better focusing your content and offers specifically to your best prospects, you will start turning your site into a sales tool. This works for all business, not just retail or e-commerce sites. This works as well for one person shops as it does for large corporations. So do not be afraid to demand this from your web site and or web designer/developer.

  5. Retention - your web site should not only be able to generate new customers, it should also help you retain the customers that you have. The key to successful marketing is finding better ways to sell to your current customers. It is ten times cheaper to sell to a current customer than it is to find a new customer. Your web site should offer advice, tips and tricks to make a solid resource for your customers. Then while they are getting the free remarkable content your provide, make another offer to get your customers to reconvert into the sales cycle. This is something that may be measured on a quarterly to annual basis depending on your sales cycle length.

You are probably thinking that this is kind of a numbers game. The more traffic your get, the more sales leads you can create. The more quality sales leads you create, the more customer conversion you will get. The more customers you get, the more you will retain. To some degree this is true, but it can also be totally incorrect as well. Numbers are good, but quality is better.

This is something that will take time to work out what works best for your company, but look at the example below. Every month you should create, track & review web data like the list below.

Imagine what would happen if your site creates:

  • 1000 visitors a month
  • 20 interactions with visitors
  • 15 sales leads a month
  • 2 customers a month
  • 1 retained customer purchase a month

How would this change your business? If this sound exciting than you need to start demanding this of your web site. If you are seeing similar results from your site already, how much do these numbers change from month to month? The goal is not to reach these numbers, but keep growing the numbers until the company is comfortable or wants to stop growing.

Now's the time to get started, demand success from your web site.

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