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Self-publishing your way to
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Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Feb 23, 2010

Blogs are the key to sharing your ideas and thoughts with your prospects and clients.

So how do you use a blog to create a million dollar business? Well, you start by writing remarkable content and then over time you become a thought leader within your industry. This build your personal or business brand online. From there prospects start calling on you to help them with the solutions you discuss in your articles.

In the early days publishing content meant you had to get a book deal. Although this is a great way to build your reputaion and get a group following your ideas, in todays marketplace this is not the only way. Today you are able to share idea, thoughts and concepts in as little as a few hours a week through blog posting.

I know many of you are saying, that's great if I was a writer, but that is not what I do or am good at.

This is very understandable and we understand how hard it can be for someone new to this idea. We also have tried several blogs and failed with them early on. The key is not to just say "Hey, I'm going to start a blog today.". Rather a better solution is defining why you want a blog. What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? Who are the readers that you would like to reach? What problems are they having? How can we offer advice to help them with their problems in order to become a resource to these prospects.

Once you go through this process and you commit to writting a minimum of one blog article a week. Guess what?

You have 52 new opportunities to set yourself up as an expert within your industry. When people start seeing you as the expert and subscribing to your blog via email or RSS subscriptions you are able to reach them on an ongoing basis. You will offer advice they may not have thought about and evenutally they will request a meeting or initiate the next step on their way to becoming a customer.

The great thing about self-publishing blog articles is this becomes a valuable resource for not only prospects, but also clients. You are now starting to add more value to your customers which will start to build customer loyalty, which will intern bring in more profitable business deals (since it cost a lot less to convert a pervious customer than it does getting a new client).

By developing remarkable content and self-publishing your blog, you will start to have a huge following which might also start landing you speaking gigs through industry organizations, your chamber of commerce or other groups.

In as little as a few months self-publishing will make a big change on your web site traffic. In as little as a few years you could be in a completely different business league.

The goal though is to get started and commit to at least a blog article a week. This can be done with a free blog through:

  • etc.

Then there are also more branded blogs developped by more professional software. These do cost money, but they offer:

  • a more branded blog
  • a blog on your web site
  • some offer SEO tools
    (to make sure each article is optimized for search engines) 
  • some offer Web Analytics (to tell you how your blog is doing, how many email subscribers and RSS subscribers you have)
  • Keyword research tools (to better optimize articles)
This idea sounds impossible, but it really is pretty easy. If you would like to try a free demo of the blog software we use to publish our way to a successful business, click the Blog Demo link.