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TV advertising - no rest for the wicked
Super Bowl Advertisers!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Feb 04, 2010

Again it seems as Go Daddy is going out of their way to get banned from the Super Bowl. I think this has happened several times now that CBS or whoever finds the Go Daddy ads too racy to use during coverage of the Super Bowl.

This years ad seems to be continuing the gay theme, but adding half naked women to keep the guys watching. This ad is ok in our opinion, but is really throwing the racy stuff in to get attention. Sex sells right? I don't know if this will be a help or not, maybe this hits their target demographic client's interest. Personally we find Go Daddy to be a poor solution to professional web hosting. It may however be perfect for 15 year old boys that are doing web sites for fun and like sexy poster girls.

Anyhow, let's answer the real questions about this commercial.

Is this a good ad?

Again due to the racy nature and getting banned Go Daddy is getting more exposure than they are paying for. It may drive people to their web site and for the 15 year old male audience, they may get a ton of new business. From a business standpoint it would not entice me to set up a business site through them, unless the business was porn related maybe.

Is the ad effective?

Well if building awareness is the goal, then they have accomplished this without even getting on the Super Bowl. If their goal was to drive traffic to the web site, they may get some new traffic. The key is even if they get a new rush of traffic going to their site are they going to get business from it? I would say they need more than a racy commercial to get new clients. Maybe if they have some sort of special Super Bowl offer on their homepage they will entice new visitors into leads or customers.