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Gay Advertising sacked by Super Bowl.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Feb 03, 2010

Today we thought we would start reviewing a few of the advertising commercials that the Super Bowl has rejected. Brandwise does not care what your sexual preference is, but should this ad be banned because it is gay focused?

I can understand why the Super Bowl may not wanted to play this ad, because these guys look like everyday football fans. Are all football fans secretly gay?

The Super Bowl doesn't want to ask and they surely aren't going to tell.

Overall, the ad does not appeal to me personally and after the first few laughs are over this ad becomes a little annoying with the song. I love music, but this song playing several times would drive me up a wall similar to the Enterprise Rent-a-car song. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Anyhow, let's get back to this story. I am not sure who this super bowl ad appeals to. I'm not sure that gay guys would be like - "You go boy!" to this ad. It just doesn't seem like this ad speaks to them. Ok so maybe I am stereotyping the male homosexual community, but I just thought they had better taste than this ad.

The homophobes are surely ready to smash things after watching this video. Maybe it is trying to reach the bi curious men.

Anyhow, enough about the target market and on to the true question at hand.

Is this a good ad?

Maybe… because more than anything else, it got people to talk about the ad. It probably drove a lot of people to the web to find the ad and it probably is going to drive a big amount of traffic to the company's web site.

Is the ad effective?

Well if building awareness is the goal, then they have accomplished this without even getting on the Super Bowl. If their goal was to drive traffic to the web site, I am sure they have accomplished this goal. Lastly, if their goal was to get some of those curious guys to dig deeper and check out the site or sign up, who knows maybe that will happen as well.



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