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Has the Super Bowl brand trademark gone too far?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Feb 02, 2010

I am no expert with everything that is going on in this area, but it seems to me maybe the Super Bowl has taken the policing of their brand too far! We do recommend trademarking your name and brand and policing your trademark, but come on.

From the buzz on the street the media and advertisers are not allowed to use the words "Super Bowl" for promotional use without paying royalties. We have even heard rumors of not allowing bars and churches to have Super Bowl Parties if they have a 54" or larger TV.

So I am wondering, does the Super Bowl/NFL not make another money from advertising to allow people to throw Super Bowl Parties. I mean really. My understanding of trademark laws are that they are their to protect the company that owns the trademark from having others use their name in slanderous ways or try to steal business by saying they are affiliated with this brand.

By no means do I see a trademark as something that is unable to be used in communicating about things potentially tied in or helping spread the word. An example - "Join us for our church Super Bowl Party" or "Super Bowl Party and 1/2 price wings at Johnny's Pub". Both of these things seem more to support and promote the super bowl than steal money from or slander the NFL.

Honestly, it is important to police you branded trademark, but not allowing people to speak your company's name seems a little challenging for people to love your company and tell their friends about you. The media is no different than you or I talking about a company in this situation. The media does nothing but promote the Super Bowl by talking about it.

It is hard to sell a product, service or company if we are unable to use their name to promote the product. Is this a wise business move? We do not think so.

The NFL & Super Bowl have more money than God so what are they upset about?

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