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Who knew Texans were so easily offended?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Jan 29, 2010

Offensive Advertising Goes Viral! - image

A funny thing happened last night as I was watching TV. When the show I was watching was over, there was a news clip promoting the nightly news. I do not watch the news because I find it dull and only talking about negative things.

Anyhow last nights promo ad caught my attention - Billboard causing a stir due to adult content.

Of course being a guy I am like, hmmm maybe I should see what this is all about.

Rule number one of advertising pique your targets interest.

So I wait until the story comes on. Apparently this billboard is causing some stir.

Sara's Secrets billboard - image

Before I finish my article, I'd like to take a poll on your thoughts.





When I saw what all the ruckus was about, I laughed turned the tv off and went to bed figuring that was the end off it. Then I woke up this morning to check the weather wanting to make sure my wife was going to have a safe trip to work due to the weather, and this story comes on again.

I'm thinking "Really is this that big of a deal?". Well it seems like several people are really offended by this billboard and want it taken down. Even the news team radio guys were pro-taking-it-down. Is this really that offensive. I'm a little more offended they have a radio team on the television news - what's up with that? Is the news industry hurting that bad that they need gimmicky things to fill air time?

Anyhow, I was quite surprised by this and by Texans in general. So I thought I would share this article to get feedback from others on their thoughts.

In case you can't read the billboard well it says "Stop Vegetable Abuse" and the cucumber on the billboard has real googley eyes and a cartoon mouth. Below that it says the company's web addresses - sarassecret.com and condomstogousa.com.

So to pass this article on I wanted to go find this photo to show what everyone was getting excited about. So I searched all the news sites to find this story. Channel 11 is the one that carried it. I can say this was one of the first times I went to a news web site.

My point here is this. The news is creating drama. This is not that big of a deal. Honestly don't we all have sex? Don't we know some people like things that we may not, well who cares.

What these offended people do not understand is that not only are they making it worse by having people like me spread the word, but they are also helping Sara's Secret. What is happening is that now Sara's Secret is getting a huge amount of exposure for next to nothing in cost.

I give this billboard advertising a big thumbs up! Good for Sara's Secrets for making advertising work. I have never heard of Sara's Secret, but I did go to both of the web sites advertised on the billboard to see their point of view. It is a nice site offering sex toys and books and whatnot. It was pretty classy though, not a dirty site focused on porn, just focused on offering a better sex life for those that want it.

They do however have a sense of humor because here is the commercial that goes with the billboard.

We hope you laugh, or
get offended depending on your point of view.

Please leave your comments and thoughts on this article below. We want to hear your thoughts if you agree or disagree, it will be a good discussion.



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