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Professional web design companies are not as common as you may think.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Professional web design companies are not as common as you may think. In order to make this statement clear we must first define "Professional Web Design Companies". The key really is defining what is best for your web site and what do you want your web site to accomplish. There are several different levels of professional web design companies.

Here are a few of them.

The expert coding/programming Web Developers

  • They are great at offering ASP, PHP and many other acronyms most business owners / marketing directors will not understand
  • They typically host sites as well
  • They typically do not have a strong design sense
  • They are typically not easy to communicate with since this type of programming takes a mindset that is different than the mindset of a social person - they communicate well with computers, but sometimes not people. 
The expert designer Web Developer
  • These people do excellent jobs of making the site highly impressive from a visual stand point
  • They typically understand making the site easy to navigate and more user friendly
  • Their sites use a lot of graphics -
    offering potentially slower site downloads
  • They tend to use more flash - flash sites for the most part are unfound by search engines
  • These sites are mostly focused on design and less on content
The advertising expert Web Developer
  • Typically this team is great at advertising in magazines, newsprint, TV and Radio - the web has different success drivers than these mediums
  • This group knows their clients need a web site so they through a team together to figure it out, or hire some new college grads - typically this team learns the basics, but not mastering how to get the site found
The inbound marketing expert Web Developer
  • This group tends to focus more on content and pushes their client into developing remarkable content on a regular basis
  • This group typically does not focus on design much
  • They are driven by optimizing the current site for search engines and then applying SEO (search engine optimization) to all new pages created
  • They are very focused on blogging to develop content and using the social media to promote it
  • Typically they develop site on a CMS (Content Management System) so the clients can update/edit/remove/post pages and content themselves - giving the client more control
  • They set up conversion techniques to help clients convert their web site visitors into leads for the sales team
  • They provide valuable reporting software that is easy for the client to understand what is going on with their web site
  • They typically do more competitive analysis for their customers
  • Lastly this type company is looking for a longterm relationship to constantly review stats and continue to improve success rates

The point is this. Just because a vendor says they are a Professional Web Design Company, does not mean they are the company that is going to be the right fit for you. In our mind, obviously biased, we find the Inbound Marketing Web Developers to bring more to the table.

So if you would like more help finding Professional Web Design Companies view this article. It offers sevral questions to ask your web vendor.

Good luck!

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