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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Increase of sales with your web site design.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Jan 12, 2010

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Every business is always looking for one thing, a better way to increase their sales.

One area a lot of companies overlook is their actual web site. When you bring this up they will say "oh yes, we have a web site". As a matter of fact some will even tell you they recently updated their web site and have been following the web stats or analytics. These people will say "oh, we have had an increase in our web traffic, so our site is doing very well".

Realistically though, what most people do not realize is that beyond having a web site and getting more traffic to your site, you also can turn your web site into a sales tool. What… a sales tool? At this point many will say "why no, we do not have a retail store that sells products online".

This is where a lot of people are wrong about the sales cycle. The web site is all about sales. If it wasn't, than you would not have one at all. Right?

The problem is somewhere along the way web site developers have sold us a bill that web traffic is all we need to worry about. For whatever reason most of us have bought into this. You must understand that most web designers and developers are not business people and are not sales people, so why would you take their advice on sales?

Well web traffic may be an old way of thinking, but the people that are leading the industry now are people that have figured out ways for their web site help their sales team. How is this possible some of you may be asking. Well here's the deal create a web site that sells revolves around a solid inbound marketing strategy that is focused on sales. So how do you develop such a site?


Here are the items you need:

  • A firm understanding of who your clients and prospects are and what motivates them to buy

  • A Content Management System so you can mange and update the site as needed without going to school for programming

  • An understanding of Keywords and Keyphrases that prospects will use to search for your products or services

  • An on-site blog to be able to publish ongoing remarkable content about your industry and tips to help prospects

  • A Social Media strategy to promote your new site and blog

  • A strategy for creating and testing offers
    your prospect might be interested in

  • A way to develop landing pages to deliver your offers that include contact forms that will collect data about your prospect

  • Call to Action Buttons that drive traffic to your landing pages and point your audience to the offers you are making

  • A way to manage all the leads you get from your landing pages, basically a database for Lead Management

  • Lastly a Lead Nurturing system for regular connections with your leads who may not be ready to buy today (a way to stay in front of these leads to build relationships)

This is the overall breakdown to building a web site that generates leads for your sales team. After the sales team grades the leads into "A Leads", "B Leads", & "C Leads", they will know which ones to start calling on and which ones are going to need more nurturing.

One thing we are certain of is that putting a system like this in place and working it for 6 months to a year will really start to get your site some major traction including:

  • Increased Web Traffic

  • Larger Reach or Following -
    to spread the word
  • Higher search Engine Ranking -
    you will be speeding up the search engines

  • Establishing An Expert with in your Industry -
    yourself or your company

  • Regular Lead Generation -
    with a way to track, test, qualify and mange sales leads

  • Plenty of New Prospects to Nurture

  • A Sales Team that is happy and active

  • A CFO & CEO (business owner) that is excited -
    at the low cost of marketing, lead generation and sales systems

In the last year some of our clients have seen:

  • 700% increases in web traffic

  • Some have seen up to 4900% increases
    in leads generated from their site

  • and some are already pushing a
    120-150% increase in total sales for the year.

You to can tap into this sort of success from your web site no matter what industry you are in. The key is just starting the process. If you do not know how contact a professional. This truly is a very cost effective way to market yourself today and the sooner you start the further ahead you will be.




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