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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Integrated online marketing saves money.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Jan 06, 2010

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After going through one of the toughest economies we have seen in years, maybe in a life-time for most, Brandwise has found a cost saving way to continue to market in any economic times.

First lets talk about the word "Integrated". The key to any online marketing approach is making it integrated with all parts of your online marketing. Your email campaign, twitter account, LinkedIn, etc. all tied with you web site. Not just having a single link on these profiles (tools), but directing traffic to specific and targeted pages on your site.

Here's how dictionary.com defines integrated:

  • combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole 

An integrated approach makes each part (tool) stronger by be combined with the other part. You see your web site starts to snow ball when you add a blog. Then when you start tweeting your blog articles on your twitter account, your web site/blog picks up another level of snow. Now add a LinkedIn app to post your most recent blog articles on your profile and another level of snow is added. Before you know it this snowball is rolling out of control and keep building momentum.

Ok, so you get the idea about how the integrated approach is very powerful. Now let's talk about how this saves money. Well, the first thing you need is a rock solid web site. This is going to be the biggest chunk of your budget. Getting the site redesigned if needed and built on a strong content management system so that you are able to manage your own site without having to hire a web company to make all your edits and updates. This new site should include an on-site blog, not an external blog from blogger.com or wordpress.com. This will allow you to grow your online footprint, stay active on your site and continually have new content to promote through the social media. A site like this could cost several thousand dollars to design and build, but if done right this may be the main expense besides your hosting. 

What are the add on things you should be using:

  • email marketing software (maybe $15 a month)
  • LinkedIn (free to use - just your time to update & network)
  • Twitter (free except for your time)
  • Facebook (free except for your time) 

So some of you may be thinking several thousand dollars is a lot of money and it certainly is. What you must remember though is this is one of the cheapest marketing you can do to get the kind of exposure this sort of integrated marketing approach will bring you.

I know our clients are tripling their web traffic in as little as 3 months with this sort of campaign. Not only that, but once we start building a good amount of regular traffic for our clients we start focusing on generating leads for them through their web site.

In 12 years of having a web site, I personally have only gotten a handful of leads (20-30) from my personal sites. I the last 6 months with our new site and integrated online marketing we have gotten 80+ leads. That is a huge jump 30 leads in 12 years vs. 80 leads in 6 months.

So yes, you may spend $5K on a site like this,
but who has 12 years to wait for 30 leads?

To learn more about this kind of Inbound Marketing program check out the details at this link.


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