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What is RSS
and why should a company or brand care?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Feb 26, 2010

RSS has been around for years, but is becoming more popular now than ever before.

So what is this RSS thing? RSS is most commonly translated as "Really Simple Syndication" but sometimes "Rich Site Summary".

Basically RSS is a way to publish content to people that would like to read your content. It is kind of like subscribing to the news of your favorite company. This is usually in the form of feed updates from blogs. Most people use RSS to stay up-to-date with the blogs they are interested in.

Over the last few years you may have noticed that the local newspapers are struggling. This is partly due to the webs ease of use and quick delivery of pretty much anything you want to know. You no longer have to wait until morning to get the news, you can get it whenever and where ever you are.

RSS allows you to customize and create your own digital newspaper. It allows you to not have all the areas of the physical newspaper that you would just throw away. So if you only want sports and political news, you can subscribe to only these types of news sites RSS feeds.

So that is some of the reasons it is pretty helpful for the reader, but what about the publisher? Well let's define who is the publisher of this content. It is no longer just USA Today or your local newspaper. Publishers are now everywhere and publish any topic you can think of. The new publishers are the bloggers. People that are constantly publishing blog articles are now starting to build their following via RSS feeds.

So if you are currently blogging or thinking about it, you should start to learn more about RSS feeds and how to use them. You should also make sure that your blog has the ability to offer RSS feeds and email subscribers. This will help you build a loyal following - obviously if you publish quality content on a regular basis you will have a better following of your blog.