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Inbound Marketing Book now available.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Oct 19, 2009

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I see there is now a book talking about the successful use of inbound marketing. I am looking forward to reading over this to see if there are any techniques we are not doing for our clients.

Basically the whole premise of inbound marketing is first off getting found. Remember 12+ years ago when you needed to find a good shop, local pizza joint or a plumber - there was only one place to go, the Yellowpages. Then in the mid-nineties the web started becoming commercialized and everyone had to have a web page. Ok now flash-forward to current times. There are billions maybe trillions of web site going up all the time. In the 90's you just needed a web presence now, you need to get found because the competition is so tough, even on a local level. So what do you do?

Well the key now is getting listed in search engines. Inbound Marketing is focused on this type of marketing. The idea is why not build your web presence in order to get qualified prospects to find you when they are ready to buy. This is going back to the days of the yellowpages, but so much stronger. Instead of seeing the biggest ad and probably going with the people that looked like the best (or had the biggest ad budget), now you can learn more about each company. This allows you to find the best actual fit the specializes in your needs. You can check out if their site has testimonials and here what others are saying. Some sites will even offer rating systems to get solid feedback from the clients.

All of this makes the buyer of your products or services much more intelligent on their purchases. So you had better make your site strong if you want to start landing new clients through your web site.

Inbound marketing uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging and also Social Media sites. All of these items when done right are extremely powerful tools and starting to change the marketing environment.

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To learn how Brandwise is using Inbound Marketing to help our clients, check out this page.

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