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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Sep 28, 2009

Inbound Marketing is the new web marketing. Basically, in the past most marketing has been what many are now calling outbound marketing or interruption marketing. At one time marketing was focused on only interrupting your day and trying to get a prospect to sit through a commercial during their favorite TV programming, read over an ad between breaks in their magazine article or grabbing your attention while flipping through your mail. Although these items are not fully out of the picture, but Inbound Marketing takes a different approach.

The goal behind inbound marketing is that the customer or prospect finds you instead of you finding them.
The situation plays out like this:

  • Hmmm, I think I need help with plumbing. Maybe I'll go to Google and do a search to find a local plumber.
  • Hey look at that, there are 3 local plumbers in my neighborhood.
  • Let's see what their web site says about them.
  • Well after reviewing all three, #2 looks like the most professional and trustworthy, I think I'll give them a call.

You see the idea of inbound marketing is that you want to get your web site found when people have the need, so that they pre-qualify themselves and call when they are ready to buy. The yellow pages used to offer this type of service, but in this day and age, fewer and fewer people are using the yellow pages. The reason for this is that online you can learn more about the person/company you are looking to hire.

So instead of spending a lot of money to interrupt people with your marketing, why not first start with inbound marketing. If you build your web site in a way that starts to generate leads and really helps you get found in search engines, then you should be landing new business in no time. Once your inbound marketing starts to build and generate more revenue, then this is where we like to add other forms of marketing - trade shows, direct mail, email campaigns, etc.

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