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Sales Review: How's Your Second Half Lead Generation Look?

Posted by Chuck Jones on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

If you're on a calendar year basis you've finished Q2 so the first Half is in the books. How'd you do?

Did you crush it or do you need to do an autopsy to find out what happened and why so many deals failed to close as expected?

If your team missed the number there's very little time to determine what happened and figure out what needs to change to make up for the shortage and hit your number for the year. Remember that in many markets and industries things begin to slow to a snail's pace around the November/December holidays so that just adds more pressure. Here are some thoughts on next steps to get your team back on track:

  1. What do the numbers tell you? Did everyone miss the number or only a few? Did certain products or services fall short? What about specific markets or industries (if you operate in multiple areas)? Did geography play a role? A good analysis of 1st Half results may provide some clues.

  2. What does your pipeline look like? There were plenty of deals lined up and ready to close but the majority did not. How many projected deals fell through? Does your team know why these deals failed to close? Were they properly qualified and valid deals? Did you lose to a competitor? Or, did apathy get in the way of prospects making a "let's do it" decision?

One cure for missing the number is to make sure your pipeline is overflowing with real, qualified prospects that have a need, can make a decision, have the money, and are compelled to move forward because not doing anything would be worse for them.

If your business is like most, this is your problem... not enough qualified leads. So what's the solution? Make more calls? Knock on more doors?

I once worked for an awesome speaker and sales trainer named Bill Brooks and he had a great quote, "the secret to success in sales is to be in front of qualified prospects when they need to buy, not when you need to sell something." Makes sense right? It's much easier to work with someone who is interested in what you do and see's the need rather than trying to create a need and convince the prospect that the need really exists.

So, how do you get in front of these "qualified" folks when they are ready? More importantly, "where the heck are they"?

They're out there... on the Internet, waiting for you to attract them. They are searching for what you do, make or provide. The problem is, they don't know where you are, what you do or how to reach you.

Is this making any sense? Are you seeing the challenge? Your job is not to go out and find the prospects; your job is to make it possible for prospects to find you, when they need you and, more importantly, want you.

Today, the secret to being found by your qualified prospects is Inbound Marketing.

It's all about attraction and making it possible for strangers who need what you do, make or provide to be able to find you when they search for solutions on their computer, tablet or phone. Everyday, people do over 5.9 Billion searches on Google looking for information, solutions to problems or ways to take advantage of a new opportunity. The key is to make sure that the people looking for what you do can find you.

Want to know more about how this works? Request a free Inbound Marketing Assessment that illustrates how your website is positioned to attract qualified prospects that need what you do, make or provide.


Does your website generate enough quality leads for your sales team?

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