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10 Tips on How to Shop for a Website Firm or Website Redesign

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Jul 08, 2014

How do you know if you need a website redesign?

This is a big question that must be answered in a few ways. The first problem people make when doing a search for help for a website redesign is putting someone on the clock to do RESEARCH for web design companies. Typically these people are not seasoned business people so they are looking for someone who can create a beautiful website. The next thing they do is contact several design firms getting pricing.

Why is this a problem? Well you should never do a website redesign just to make your site more beautiful. Although this is important, it is more important to create a website based on attracting the perfect prospect. Then the site should offer the prospect something for each stage of the buying process. You see some visitors are ready to buy right now, others are shopping around, while others are only doing research to see if what you offer is even a good solution to their problem. Because of this you need to deliver answers at each stage so you can help move people through the buyer's journey.


7 Questions someone researching web design firms should ask:


  1. Does this web design firm have samples of other website (can they make beautiful websites?)? If yes, move on question 2.
  2. Does this web design shop ask you why you want to redesign the site? If they are not asking questions about sales goals, how much business the current site is generating, how many leads the site gets each month, how much traffic the site gets each month, and other similar questions related to business development then keep searching. If they are asking these questions move on to the next question.
  3. Do they understand how a website redesign is tied to revenue? If they do, set up a meeting with the CEO/business owner and yourself and interview the web design team. If they do not ask revenue or sales questions, find someone else. If so move on to question 4.
  4. Ask them how they plan to reach your sales goals? Make sure you have sales goals before talking to a web design firm. If you tell them you are looking to generate an additional $25K a month in new revenue and they can not tell you how they would recommend helping you hit this goal, they are not the right fit.
  5. How much traffic their site is getting? Ask this question and if you don't get an answer in a few seconds or a quick confident answer then they are not a good fit.
  6. How many leads does their site get per month? Again, if they do not know this they will not be a good fit. Any good web shop should know this data.
  7. How many clients/jobs has their website brought them? Why? Again, this is a tougher question, but a good web shop should be able to tell you a story about how their site performs, how much business and products are being sold via their site. If they do not share this info move on.


3 Questions for a CEO or Business Owner to ask before doing a search:


  1. What are our sales goals we want to hit? Without a goal you will waste money and sometimes a redesign is a very costly investment, don't flush this cash down the drain.
  2. What is our monthly traffic to the site? If you do not know, add google analytics to your site. This is free, and in a month or two you will have valuable info on how the site is performing. Click here to learn how to get started with Google Analytics.
  3. How many leads do we get from our site per month? A lead is someone filling out a form, sending an email or calling based on their interaction with the website. If you do not know this number, then you need to get started looking for ways to attract more visitors and then ways to convert the visitors into leads (someone that says "hey, I want to know more about what you do and how you do it").


Other Tools & Tips to help you start thinking smarter about your website.

Instead of jumping into a redesign answer the above questions and also try to use this tool to better understand if you need a redesign or how well your current site is performing. This tool is called the Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator (don't forget to watch the video for help understanding this tool).

Inbound Marketing ROI Calculator Strategy


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If you have more questions please feel free to schedule a 30 minute call.

Schedule a Call!

Lastly you may also want to check out this ebook to fully grasp what goes into a website that works as a business development tool (great for CEOs as well as marketing people).

CEO Marketing Handbook - 7 Steps to create a Website That Works! how to manage a website redesign for lead gen!



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