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Letterhead design is it still needed in the digital world?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Sep 15, 2009

In this day and age everything is going digital. I hear people talking about a paperless society or office an wonder if this could ever happen. Although we are very green at Brandwise, we are not sure this is the area to cut out of your branding efforts. So many companies want to try to cut this by printing their own letters internally on a digitally formated letterhead. And although this is good for the environment it might not be good for your image.

Laser or inkjet prints have come a long way over the last 15+ years I have been in the industry, but it is still hard to compete with the standard professional off-set printing that's been around for years and years. First impressions or continued perceptions are a huge part of setting yourself apart from the competitors in your industry. A strong, clean professional letterhead designed and then printed on a nice heavy sheet of paper makes a lasting impression and shows your clients and prospects that you are serious about your business. This will build trust an an idea that you will come through for them on the project you are selling to them.

Some people are thinking… but why would I send a letter when I can just email the info over. Believe it or not mail is still something a lot of people look forward to each day. A personalized and mailed letter will cut through the clutter of the prospects email inbox. Keep in mind this has to be relevant to the reader as well. I get poorly designed mailings all the time and as soon as I see it was inkjet printed I know the company cheeped out and sure enough it is a sales letter talking all about them. In which case it ends up in the trash. However, what if this letter talked about solving some problems I was having with my company and was professionally designed and printed. I personally would hold onto the letter or call right then if the issue was urgent or file it and give them a call when I needed their help.

Another way to look at this option is this, in a digital world you are setting yourself apart from everyone else by postal mailing a letter. We love technology at Brandwise and use it to our benefit all the time, but we must admit sometimes undermining the system by going lo-tech is the way to go. Basically it comes down to this:

  • What can you do to set yourself apart from everyone else?
  • How can you do this in the most professional manor?
  • How can you make the biggest impact?
  • How can you add more value to your company?

A strong professionally printed letterhead and corporate identity package can do just these things.

Now go out there, write a letter, mail it and knock the prospects socks off!