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How consistent ongoing marketing increases sales

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, May 27, 2009

I've said this before and I'll say it again, businesses only do business with people they know like and trust. That being said, how do you build trust? Well one of the keys is getting out in front of your target market on a regular, consistent, ongoing basis.

You may be asking how can a business due this? Or, how can we do this on a small budget? The key is to realize the more you are in front of your prospect and the more places you are making contact the better. In the over-communicated society we are now living, this can be tough - so what can you do?

Well the first thing you do is find a few places that are going to be cost-effective and fit within your marketing budget. Keep in mind though anything you start you should continue for as long as possible or as long as this medium brings results. So define your most profitable market first and start a plan of attack to reach them - whether it is networking at the chamber of commerce, doing live or web based presentations to groups of people (proving your an expert in your industry), creating a strong search engine friendly web site and promoting it weekly (through inbound marketing or outbound), email newsletters (10-20 a year), direct mail (at least quarterly) or attend and exhibit at trade shows.

Again, whatever direction you go, make sure you are doing enough of it to truly see how well it is working preferably a year or two at very least. Second, do enough that you can start to test things and measure their results - work and rework an 30 second elevator speech, test offers made in advertising, direct mail or email announcements, maybe test audiences to make sure you are hitting the correct markets. The data you create by testing often will help you refine that item for the next launch.

Obviously, in a slow economy people want to slowdown on their spending and a lot of times cut marketing. This is a bad move. It is more important now to keep your marketing active and in front of people. The companies that stay active with their marketing in a slow economy get huge amounts of trust in this time. Most people's habits are based on the out-of-sight-out-of-mind habit. People do not mean to forget you, but they are busy and flooded with new opportunities every minute. In order to increase sales in any economy you must be in front of your prospect very regularly.

So find a program that fits into your budget and get started. This is an investment in the healthy future of your company – don't skimp on your company, you are worth it to succeed!

For small budgets, try email newsletters/announcements monthly. You can even sign up for a FREE email marketing trial for 60 days for a sample list up to 100 or so. Get in touch with someone at Brandwise (817-244-0990) to set you up with your new account, today!

For a bit bigger budgets direct mail tied to web landing pages is a great program and very easy to measure the results. Mailing several times a year makes an easy system for staying in front of prospects and customers.

Whatever you decide to use, we wish you luck and much business!

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