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Lead Gen / Web Design: New site brings in leads on the first day!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Sep 09, 2013

I've had a happy surprise today.

A client already got a lead
and their site just went live…
was finalized today!

So when I talk to prospects and they ask "how long will it take to start getting leads?" my answer is never in a few hours. This is actually the case though. At least with this recent site for Braveheart Sales Performance. So I'll give you a quick breakdown now, and a review of what we did in a new article in the near future. So stay tuned for that one.

I started working with Braveheart Sales Performance about 6 weeks ago. They were looking for some help filling the pipeline and training a new marketing person. Over the last few weeks we have been focused on building a website that uses inbound marketing best practices. The goal was to give the new marketing person the ability and control… to do a lot of the stuff I do for clients.

We got them set up on Hubspot for…

  • the back-end analytics
  • their blog
  • social connectivity and engagement tools
  • connectivity
  • as well as lead generation and 
  • lead nurturing tools


The interesting thing is they are using their original site built on wordpress to manage their main site. So we scraped the old site and built a new one the would work for their future goals as well as connected hubspot so they can track and measure things.



I worked over the weekend to take the site live (I do not work on the weekends except when we need to roll out a site so the client doesn't take a hit in traffic during busy times). Anyhow, I started migrating the staging site over to Braveheart's wordpress hosted site. I got things to about 97% completed by last night. Then this morning I worked on completing the final 3% of the minor tweaks to the site.

At 1:00 CST we had a call to review things with the client. One of the questions they had was… "hey we got a lead this morning, what do we do with this? Is this a good lead or what? I mean it is a hotmail account and has no company name…". Wow! I thought, this is great news, let's dig into it a bit. So sure enough the email was a crap, hotmail account. …And yes, the company name looked bogus.



So was this a crap lead? Well after digging a little further I see we have this leads twitter handle.

Let's head over to twitter and see what we see. Looks like this guy is no twitter superstar. He's got 1 follower and only 1 tweet. Hmmm… So wait a minute, he's got a link on his twitter profile to his linkedin account, let's check this out. Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Turns out this isn't a crap lead. After reading over his linkedin profile it looks like he might be a good fit, or at least someone we should talk to, to confirm if there is a good fit.


 Anyhow, the point of the story is…

The power of inbound marketing is amazing!

…it could bring you new business or at least sales conversations within the first few hours, if you have a decent looking site and good offers that entice your prospects to take action. Now I would never sell clients on the expectation of leads flowing as soon as you turn on the new inbound website, but today proved that it can happen.

So my question to you is…

  • How is your website performing? 
  • Is it bringing you leads? 
  • Have you ever redesigned a website and got leads within hours? 
  • How many leads do you get a month? 
  • How many a week, a day, an hour?
  • Could you handle more? 
  • Is there room for improvement? 
  • Do you want help?