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Lead Generation Tips: Create a clearly defined Goal you want to hit

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Sep 06, 2013

This is the second in a series of articles around Lead Generation Tips.

Creating a clearly defined Goal is job #1 when it comes to Lead Generation.

So what exactly does "clearly defined Goal" mean? Typically we think of this as the sales goal or business growth goal you are trying to hit. You may be looking for an additional $5 million in annual growth, $30,0000 in new monthly revenue or 5 new clients on-boarding each month.

Whatever this goal is, it's important to understand the dollar amount that this goal will represent. It is also important to know how many customers it is going to take to hit this number. Does this need to be all new customers (most costly business to go after), or is it up-selling past customers? Or is it a mix of old and new customers. The more you can get this info out and written down on paper, the better off you will be. The idea should be to outline this "Goal" and share it with everyone in the company so that they can understand what both they should be supporting and the salespeople should be working towards. Clarity and focus is extremely important.

Once you have a clearly defined goal created you can start doing projections. If you have not currently heard about, seen or used the Inbound Marketing Calculator for your inbound marketing projections, you can try it here.

With this tool you will need to understand your Monthly Revenue Goal. You will also need to know your Average Revenue Per Sale (how much the average customer spends when doing business with you. From there you will need to know your sales-teams conversion rate (Lead to Customer Conversion Rate). If you do not know this try using 20%. Lastly you need to know your Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate (again, if you do not know the conversion rate of website visitors that turn into web leads, try 1% as an average # most sites can hit with minimal efforts).

I hope this helps you get focused and build a more strategic lead generation program. Good Luck!