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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Lead Generation Tips: An Overview of Business Growth

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Jul 31, 2013

When it comes to business growth there are two area every business must master: Sales & Marketing.

To me marketing's number one goal needs to be… effective lead generation. Without quality leads the sales team is unable to close more business and this hinders future marketing investment and continued brand development.

I thought I would write a series of articles based on this topic and offer best practices to help you succeed in your business growth goals. This article will be an overview and we will be digging into other solutions you can apply over the next few weeks.

What is needed to set up a quality lead generation campaign?

  1. A clearly defined Goal you want to hit: This should be sales growth focused. Maybe an additional $250,000 in annual growth for an example. Then define monthly goals for revenue growth, average customer purchase, # of customers/projects needed to hit your number, # of sales leads needed based on sales closing ratio, etc.
  2. A clearly defined Buyer Persona or Target: It is easy to do lead generation, but without understand WHO you are going after you will be attracting a bunch of "crap" leads that are useless to the sales team.
  3. A Solid Understanding of the Buyer's Problem: If you do not know the problem your prospect has, then you are unable to deliver a solution, an offer and a call to action that will get the prospect to raise their hand and say, yeah we want this, please get in touch.
  4. An Offer: In order to get someone to take action and raise their hand you need to offer some sort of value to the prospect. They have to know you can fix their solution and that you are trustworthy and not going to sell them right out of the gate. Often times this is an educational tool: eBook, Whitepaper, Tip Sheet, Seminar or Webinar. This can be a free or paid tool, but it must deliver value to help the prospect.
  5. Engagement Focused on Starting a Conversation: Again people are very weary of sales people so it is important to ease into connecting with these new leads. Pouncing kills your opportunity. Keep in mind you are skill working on building your reputation. Your goal is to continue to add more value to the prospect in a non-threatening way.
  6.  A Way to Transition into the Sales Process: Once you have gotten a prospect to raise their hands it is time for this prospect to connect with a salesperson and continue through the sales cycle.
  7. Lead Nurturing: For the leads that are not ready to buy yet, there needs to be a way to continue to build the relationship through a "drip marketing campaign" so you can stay in front of the prospect and add more value to build your relationship.
So this is a quick overview of lead generation. Watch for the next few article based on business growth and lead generation in more detail. Share any questions you may have below, we might answer them in future articles (as well as within the comments section of this article).
Does your website generate enough quality leads for your sales team?

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