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Linkedin Tips: Do you connect blindly on Linkedin?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Apr 16, 2013

Linkedin is a powerful tool for the professionals, but why do we use tools like this?

Linkedin is a tool for making connections right? It's great for:

  • CEOs to manage and promote themselves and their company
  • Marketers to promote themselves and their company, nurture relationships
  • Salespeople to make connections, start sales conversations, nurture relationships and promote themselves
  • Employees to build online resumes, connect with clients, vendors to build these relationships.

Now, I think I covered most everyone on this list. Did you notice no where in the list did I mention connect blindly to random people. This may be one of the biggest mistakes people make on Linkedin… they connect blindly to anyone that asks to connect.

Because Linkedin makes it easier to connect with "People you may know", should you connect with them? I say NO. That is unless you truly DO KNOW them. There is nothing wrong with connecting with people you do not know, but here is the way to do it.

Let's say you get someone asking to connect. Instead of blindly hitting that connect button, why not send an "inmail" that says something like… Hello James (or whatever their name is). Thank you for your request to connect. I do not however connect blindly to people I haven't talked to before. Would you like to have a conversation and get to know each other before we connect? How's 2:00? What number shall I call?

Most people will be caught off-guard because no one has ever done this to them before. Many will not respond, some will respond and say "sorry if I upset you, I just wanted to connect". Either way this is a win. Look the person who doesn't respond isn't going to send you leads, referrals or give you reviews. They are selfish and looking to collect connections, not use their connections to build relationships and grow their/you businesses.

So how do you handle the "sorry" response? Well, try this. Hi James, no worries I'm not upset. I'm just looking to connect with people that I can refer business too and who will refer business to me. If you'd still like to connect, let's talk.

Honestly the true goal of Linkedin is to make REAL connections, build relationships and grow your opportunities.

Collecting connections does none of this. So be cautious with the request for connections. Think about it 50 quality connections that help you get more business are better than 500, or 5000 connections who you do not know and that never give you any new business.

So if you like this article go to Linkedin and Let's Connect!