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The Pulse Network: Frank Belzer talks Sales Shift at IMS!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Apr 01, 2013

Are you a CEO? Are you a Marketing Manager? or Are you just a Marketer?

It dosen't matter which category you fit into (CEOs should be aware of IMS and Frank Belzer), you should be going to or being sent to IMS. This is always an amazing trade show/learning event. If you are unfamiliar with IMS, check out IMS here. Or register for IMS 2013 NY here!

I met some great people and learned a ton the last year I went. I also talked to some of the big guns in the industry like Steve Garfield, Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, Marcus Sheridan, Frank Belzer, Rick Roberge, among many others. The Pulse Network was there and they were doing some cool video and will be doing even more at this IMS event. If you haven't talked to these guys yet, check them out at The Pulse Network.

Here is a perfect example of the cool stuff they are doing pre-event… sharing some thoughts on the Sales Shift!

Now if you haven't gotten enough of the Sales Shift, you really need to get to know Frank Belzer. Frank is a sales consultant/coach, but he also does speaking and has recently rolled out his new book called the Sales Shift. To get some free advice check out his helpful blog at The Sales Archaeologist.

I'm excited to read Frank's book (it should be here any day). The reason I like the direction Frank is taking things is because the "sales" game has changed. The last 10 years has been huge and the buyer has more control than ever before. In the last 5 years the buyer has become smarter then they have ever been and sometimes smarter about the products or services than even some sales people. Don't let this be you! How can you overcome this information knowledge overload the customer has? By adding value, by delivering remarkable content and using inbound marketing for lead generation, right? Yes, but this isn't enough. You must make a Sales Shift and get salespeople in the inbound marketing and social media game. Salespeople today have to be in tune with the digital world and understand how to engage then in this space, not just by doing cold calls or trade shows and things of the past. These old ways are no longer as effective as they once were.

The point here is this… if you are struggling in this new world of sales, it's time to make a change. Go to this years IMS in NY and see Frank's presentation there. Also pick up his book to get a real understanding of how to apply sales to the world of inbound marketing to create a powerhouse and start leading the pack. Being cutting edge is great, but make sure it is helping you hit the growth goals you are shooting for.

Buy the book by clicking this book image.

sales shift by frank belzer. get it today!sales shift by frank belzer. get it today!


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