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Infographic: Best & Worst Times to post on Social Media

Written by Dale Berkebile | Thu, Jan 31, 2013

I love infographics. But sometimes must question if they are accurate.

This one gives some great tips. I like the direction this infographic is taking, but I'm not sure all the data is 100% accurate. I wonder if this reflects certain kinds of businesses. For example B2B vs B2C… are all these tips relevant for both? What about the porn industry, do you think they post durring business hours? Not that this was meant for the porn industry, but this may change the game depending upon your industry.

So although infographics are sometimes best practices, you also need to also understand that just because it is online and a nice looking infographic, doesn't make all the data true. The point here is this. Use infographics as an area to test the theory being presented. If the below items are not working for your industry, test other post times to find the ones that work best for you. Keep in mind, by no means am I saying these tips will not work for you. I am saying try them out run with this for a month and test your results. Then try something a little different next month and compare the results. It is good to always be testing all of your marketing especially the social media stuff you do.

Good luck and hope these tips help, but do not forget to test them against other times!