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Linkedin is removing the Answers tool - rumor has it…

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Jan 28, 2013

Have you ever had a burning business question you just didn't know how to answer?

Have ever used Linkedin's Answer tool to get your question answered? If not you were missing out on a powerful tool. If you said yes, it sounds like Linkedin will be removing this tool at the end of the month. It is a sad day if this is the case.

I remember needing to find some furniture for my office. I was looking for quality used furniture. I asked a question on Linkedin if anyone local knew any used furniture outlets. I think I found a few places, but I also found a friend who was going out of business and happy to unload some furniture they had just moved to storage. They wanted to get rid of this stuff, and gave me a great deal. The furniture was great quality. So you can see this is one example of where Linkedin Answers really worked well.

As a sales person using linkedin to prospect and make connections Linkedin Answers was also a great place to build your reputation and connect with people. By becoming a thought leader and helping others you could start to build a new connection of leads to have conversations with.

The rumor is there were too many political conversations that turned ugly or personal attacks/threats of personal violence. I have no idea if this is the case, but there does seem to be some buzz about Answers being removed. From what I understand, Linkedin has added a Q&A Forum group to handle future questions. The only problem is it is not set up in categories so finding questions you know or industry questions will be much more difficult.

Have you ever used answers? Will you be upset if they remove this tool? Is so share your thoughts below.

Lets see how many people respond to this article. Maybe we can get enough people to change their minds.

Also share other ways we could get them to change Linkedin's minds about removing answers.