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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Timing is everything when it comes to sales & marketing. Right?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sun, Nov 11, 2012

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How many times have you been on a sales call and you get the ol' "The Timing Isn't Right" put off?

Today I read a great article by Pete Caputa titled "The Timing Isn't Right." If you are involved with sales, a business owner or head of a marketing team (especially online marketing), you will want to read this article. Pete talks about many things related to a website redesign and the timing of it, sales, online marketing strategy and the like in this article. If you have been kicking around a site redesign, you may think again after reading this article. Of course you may continue down the redesign path, but if you do and you apply the items discussed you will be much more successful with the redesign.

Sometimes TIMING is an issue for making or breaking success, but often the real issue is doing the right thing consistently for a long enough period of time. The sales equivalent could be learning to prospect and doing it everyday forever even though it may take some time to really become successful. The early on failures are actually the training ground and how you learn to master the process.

From a marketing perspective it could be consistently doing some form of marketing on an ongoing basis… monthly direct mail for years, weekly advertising for years, or more effectively weekly (daily) blogging. Whichever route you choose stick with it. Again like sales the longer you stick with it the better you will get. Don't give up when times are tough, just figure out why things aren't working now and improve the next mailer, ad or blog article until things start working. Typically I steer companies away from direct mail and advertising because of cost and skills needed to pull of a successful campaign. Blogging on the other hand is pretty low cost, but delivers a great testing ground.

Keep in mind more important than timing is STRATEGY. This is true when it comes to any business, sales or marketing efforts. A well defined strategy is what makes or breaks your success. As Pete mentioned in his article, if you can't do this alone work with a partner that can help. You are never going to be a marketing or sales master if you are not doing this stuff day in and day out for years and years. That being said don't waste your time, get over your pride and hire a professional. The thing is in a good partner relationship your hired pro will keep you away from costly pitfalls as well as help you get to your goals quicker. Plus YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO DO THINGS RIGHT as you work together. This is a much cheaper learning experience than going it alone. When it comes to timing one thing is for sure… TIME IS MONEY. Don't piss away either by pushing too far outside your expertise.

If you need help with sales you may want to talk to someone like Rick Roberge. For marketing help you may want to read the Hubspot blog or the eBook bellow for tips on site redesign strategies based on growth or if you'd like to talk to someone to become your marketing partner request a marketing partner synergy conversation here.


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