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Website Traffic: How to do 4 years worth of marketing in 3 months

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Wow! …is all I can say. Passionate people are crazy! (in a good way)

sound convictions goes through the roof - oh what a change a day (or an article) can make!

So I have been in  and doing Inbound marketing for years now. I have been blogging and promoting my branding firm in many ways. It has always been a slow and steady growth I was creating and I was really happy to see this continued growth from month to month.

You know doing everything from content development, SEO, Social media marketing, guest posts on other blogs, commenting on other blogs and other link building. All this stuff worked great and from an organic standpoint, I'm pretty happy that my site's traffic has gotten to 3,000+ visits every month. Granted this isn't where I want it to be (30K, 300K and beyond!), but it is pretty good for a small shop.

The challenge however is that… many people aren't PASSIONATE about Brandwise. I am, some of my clients are, several of my vendors and even you the reader may be. But honestly, that's just not enough.

I mentioned in the last few articles about my new music website and blog. This has really been a side project, but I really do try to get as many articles out as possible and schedule blog posts nearly every day. This is great and all, but what has happened has blown me away.

Today we hit the 2300 mark for the month. If things keep going as they are now, we may hit 3000+ by months end. WOW! How has this happened? First I invited several people to help me. This is more of an inbound networking group of people than just a random solo website. Second we tapped into people's passion… Music!

I really have one article that just blew up. It was one that allowed people to listen to all the bands of the upcoming Fort Worth Music Festival. So there is a playlist for easy listening if you do not know the bands, but then there is also a poll for people to vote for their favorite band. This poll is getting a ton of votes partly because I'm giving away a free write up on the blog for the winning most popular band. I am hoping to get great photos and maybe even an interview with the band who wins.

Anyhow, a few of the bands got serious and told all their friends to go vote. Or maybe they just used software to hack the site and Vote, Vote, Vote for themselves. Who knows, but traffic is going through the roof for a site that has been up for less than 3 months.

So the point here is this… how can you build a passion to your site or business. One that is so amazing that people start evangelizing and bringing their friends to your site and connecting with you. It only takes a few mavens to tip the whole thing. Read the Tipping Point if you are unfamiliar with that last comment.

So in 3 months we blew the doors off of our main website that has been a work in progress for the last 4 years. Wow! Again, it blows my mind and I do not know what else to say except how thankful I am to my readers here and all the people visiting Sound Convictions' website. And to think, I was hoping to end the month with 500 to 600 visitors and would have been happy with that. What a difference one article can make. So if you are not currently blogging start today and find a way to tap into your passion and the passion of others and have them help set the world afire with this passion. Good Luck!

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Viral Marketing

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