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Wow, what a difference passion makes for Facebook Pages!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Sep 14, 2012

Passion trumps business any day!

So as some of you may know, I started a music site on the side for fun, to rekindle my passion for music and to test out Inbound Networking. This has been fun and a great way to see how applying some inbound marketing strategies can really tap in to people's passions.

Sound Convictions facebook page. Go to facebook.com/soundconvictions and become a fan!

If you are a Brandwise fan on Facebook, you know this is one of our most overlooked marketing resource. Being a small shop like mine you only have some much time in a day to really engage with your audience. Facebook is an area where I have found building a strong community for businesses to share and join in conversation has been very tough.

I'll tell you though, I'd bet part of this is because this is a site for a brand or a company who sells branding. Many companies are probably scared they will get "sold to" if they become too active. Sadly most of the content is links to our articles instead of super educational or really remarkable conversations.

We do have a small following of nearly 200 people. This is great and we love these people, but have not given them what they need to participate, at least not much.  So, enough about that. Let's talk about how to better use Facebook. So I created a music site that I mentioned above. This is really built around the love of music and on the concept of inbound marketing.

That being said, although this is a side project it is preforming better now then my business facebook page. Why, well because there is passion behind it. It is a music site for music lovers by music lovers. There is not really any direct sales happening so this probably helps as well. Another reason things are picking up is because this page is bigger than me. I have invited a core group of other music lovers to promote their work on this site. I've had two people promote this page out to several of their friends and they nearly doubled the fans in 3 to 4 days.

What would happen if 10 people did this? What if 20 did it? The fans would grow very quickly. More importantly though, it is not just the number of fans, it's what you do with those fans. Sound Convictions has less fans than Brandwise, less than half. What Sound Convictions does have though are passionate fans. Sound Convictions fans talk more about the items posted on this page, 75% talk about stuff today where are as Brandwise fans rarely talk about stuff.

This also effects reach. Brandwise is reaching 3% of the people Sound Convictions is. So even though they have less fans, the fans they have are more active. That being said, how quickly do you think Sound Convictions will take to surpass Brandwise in Fans? I'd bet it will happen in months instead of the years it took to build the Brandwise following.

My point here is this. If you can create a way to build passion into your brand you will be able to spread the word like wildfire. This is harder for an already established business. Does it mean redefining yourself to your customers, offering better service or committing to developing more great content and engaging better on your facebook page? Well I will tell you if you do all of these items you too will create passion.

As a small business, you need to learn where to commit your marketing time and budget. I have a friend who did some Facebook marketing and built their following up to 15,000+ fans. Wow! That's a serious playing field. Now they are getting an audiences to speak with. Through their posts and photos they have been able to really engage with people and are getting business from facebook.

I'd bet this works better for some businesses than others, but this same person has a media blasting company facebook page that is doing really well and building a following there too. For those of you who do not know media blasting is a paint removal sanding process. Not the most fun or sexy stuff, but facebook is helping them get business.

So my recommendation is if you are a small company, look for your passion. How can you tap into something other people really love. This is going to mean some trial and error so you will need to commit time and money to facebook marketing. Ask questions and engage with your people. If people comment on something, get back in there and keep the conversation going. This is how you keep that passion rolling. Also getting several people working on your facebook page helps connect with more people and keep things fresh.

I hope you got some good advice here and are able to do better with your facebook marketing. If you excel at facebook, share your thoughts on best practices in the comments. If you are new to facebook, what are your biggest problems? Share them below.

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