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Hubspot just added more KICK ASS tools in Hubspot 3!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Aug 29, 2012

Wow! I'm super excited to see the new tools Hubspot is rolling out!

It looks like this new phone app is amazing! This is exactly what I have been asking for for the last 4 years. Thanks guys! This will allow me to take my data on the road and also have all my contacts just a click away! This is really cool!



But the phone app is only one small piece of the pie. Check out these tools:

  • Contacts: Finally, a centralized marketing database.

  • Workflows: A new way to segment and nurture your leads.

  • Landing Pages: It's easier than ever to build great landing pages.

  • Smart Fields: Get the data you need with shorter forms.

  • Smart CTAs: Personalize offers for each visitor.

  • Social Contacts: Turn social media into a powerful channel.

  • Email Marketing: The next generation of email for marketers.

  • Salesforce Connector: Keep a strong connection to your CRM.

Ok, so these are the new features just announced. Check them out at Hubspot 3 or through Brian Halligan's article Announcing HubSpot 3: The Future of Marketing Software. This looks to be a huge jump forward on an already great product! By the way, also check out Hubspot's new website, they just launched a new version for Inbound 2012!