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How far can passion take your company?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Aug 06, 2012

There are a few things all businesses must have to be successful.

The owner must have:

  • drive
  • passion
  • commitment
  • and a profitable business model

If you are not passionate about what you are doing, are you going to be able to stick with it through the tough years? I love design, I love marketing and this is why I started my business. I HATE advertising though and am frustrated when ads interrupt my TV programming and or radio listening. This is a whole other story though.

I used to hate the thought of cheesy sales guys and suit and tie guys (business people). So why have I kept my business for 14+ years if I hate sales and suits? Well because I LOVE creativity and creating things. This is what I am passionate about. I like helping struggling companies create a new and improved more profitable brand of their previous company.

I find it exciting being a part of helping other business owners create a new, fun and profitable business model. To do this you need to understand how to apply a sales system to your business. And build it in a way that allows marketing can feed the sales system, sales people and fill the funnel.

Without passion you could not get up in the morning if you didn't have the system mentioned above. When you have clients giving you a hard time, or when money is tight or if a vendor screws up a job for you, what will you do? Most people would just throw up their hands, call it a day and move on. That is, if there was no passion. So in my opinion, PASSION may be one of the main reasons successful companies become successful.

For a few of you reading this you may have heard about this thing called "inbound networking." It is a cross between inbound marketing (blogging, social media, lead gen.) and face-to-face networking similar to a leads group or BNI group. In the end the goal is to build and online and offline group that meets regularly. The groups will share everyone's sphere of influence (you know like the… 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon idea), and cross promote one another to help build everyone's business.

There has been some buzz about this for the last few months. I will be starting a group or two like this. As I am racking my brain trying to find what is going to be the best group for me to form, I wanted to get started with a sample group. So I looked for something I was passionate about.

That being said, besides my wife, family and business, my next biggest passion is music. So I started to build a music community website on this concept of fueling my passion. The idea was to really jump back into the music world. As I connect with people I thought might like to join the group, everyone started getting excited and things started to happen. Now 3 weeks into it the site is up and running and we have been churning out content like crazy to build the foundation.

So how far will passion take you? Well that is the big question I am asking as well. What I know as of today though is passion has started to give this thing legs. It is starting to move forward and gain traction. By no means are we rich yet, but the passion is driving this thing which leads me to believe success will come from it. In this case it is already highly successful, because it isn't meant to be another business it is meant to fuel other passions creativity, creating, fun with friends and getting back into the music scene. It is fun creating this thing and we are already talking to many cool people in the music world and several friends scattered all over the country and world.

When you throw yourself into something, make sure there is a passion, a burning fire in your belly type of passion and this will feed and fule you through the tough times. You will also get people excited and on board with what you are doing. This will build your following and help you find great employees and/or supporters. Now find a business model that is profitable and you will take your passion to the moon and back! What are you passionate about? Figure it out then get started building it and have fun!

If you want to see my passion go to Sound Convictions - Lifestyle Music Blog, music community and digital music magazine. The goal of the site is to help music lovers find new music all the while helping to build the local music scenes all around the world. Also allowing musicians to live the dream and support themselves through their passion… music!

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