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Why it is important for CEOs to understand a website redesign

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, Jul 31, 2012

How often do business owners buy a solution only to find out it's the wrong one?

Sometimes we are misinformed before we buy a product or service. What happens next is we lose time and money. As competitive as the marketplace is today costly mistakes like this could be fatal. A website redesign is a perfect example of where people often buy for the wrong reasons.

A lot of times companies are looking for work for internal designers or the CEO is tired of looking at the sames site and wants to freshen things up. Well these are never good reasons to do a website redesign.

So what is a good reason to do a redesign? Well the first thing you need to do is define what goals you want the redesign to deliver. Are these goals based on real business development needs or just on a whim? How are you going to fund the redesign? If the site is not adding something to improve sales then a redesign will end up costing you instead of bringing you an ROI.

I was doing some prospecting over the last few days and reviewed many sites. Some looked great with very nice designs, others were bad. The thing that is always surprising is when we run a Hubspot Marketing Grader report on these sites. Often times a site that looks better then most just doesn't perform all that well.

Now that is not to say that all beautiful websites don't work, but to show that although the brand image is strong, the business development side could be lacking. Should all sites be concerned with business development? Yes! I'd say 98.9% of website should be concerned with how they are going to make money. Even hobby websites cost something in time and energy.

A well executed website should bring you more visits, engage with prospects and turn them into leads. Then your sales team needs to be onboard to work the web based leads. Often this isn't the case though. So bring sales in early on so they can share their thoughts and be apart of the new site. You need to get their buy-in in order to actually get your leads to work.

Last year we worked with a client and quickly doubled, and almost tripled their previous web traffic. We helped them build a following tenfold of what they previously had, but more importantly started to help them land new business from their new found exposure. This client has gotten 18 new clients in 10 months. That is roughly $30-45K in new business that is trackable from the website. Now this is not huge money, but we are able to see where people came from how the converted and use this data to improve future marketing and lead generation efforts. Can you're website tell this story?

Although this is ok, the money is not the exciting part of this story. The exciting part is that the client now has the tools to track what is going on and knows if/when things are working and how well. This give the CEO power to control the ship.

If you are a CEO or Business Owner and looking to do a website redesign, you might want to read our latest eBook: CEO Marketing Handbook - 7 Steps To Create A Website That Works. This 41 page eBook covers many topics you will need to understand in order to purchase and manage an effective website redesign project.

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