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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Value Proposition: What is the value you bring to your clients?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Jul 05, 2012

Are you selling value or are you selling a commodity?

Very often business owners or CEOs will complain that their product is becoming commoditized in the marketplace. You know there are 10 people on this block that say they do just what we do. So in a modern world where competitors are coming out of the woodwork, how do you compete? Well the first step might be to get out of the commodity game. I do not mean changing business models, what I am talking about is a mindset. If you think you only offer commodities, then it is true and prospects can sense this.

So how do you change your mind and get into the value based sales game? Why not try creating a value proposition or positioning statement.

Here is a story I heard a salesman share that gives a perfect example of value propositions.

A man is walking down the street. He sees a man working with bricks and he asks "Hello sir, you look interesting, may I ask what you're doing?" The man answers "I'm laying brick." Ok, so the man moves on down the street. A few blocks down the man runs across another building site. There is a man working with bricks, again the man walks up and asks "Hello sir, you look interesting, may I ask what you're doing?" This man says "I am building a brick wall." So the man thanks him and moves on down the street. Several blocks away there is another construction site. Again he sees a man working with bricks and so he asks again "Hello sir, you look interesting, may I ask what you're doing?". This man tells the walker "I am building an amazing cathedral that will be a great resource for the community."

As you can see the last bricklayer understood the value of what he was doing. So how do you land big and amazing projects… you should start by understanding what the true value is the the client. Are you selling bricks, a brick wall or delivering an amazing cathedral that adds a great resource to the community?

It's time to re-evaluated what you say when you are talking to prospects and customers. You must define what your true value is and then create a value proposition that shares this message quickly in one or two short sentences.

Keep in mind you are not selling products or tools you use you want to talk about the end result. This is what makes you special and what makes you different. This is how you beat the commoditization of you product.


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