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Are you a web designer looking for HTML Hexadecimal Color Codes?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Jul 03, 2012

Back in the 90's I remember designing websites and the importance of Hexadecimal Color Codes.

In the early days we were limited to 256 colors and so you can probably imagine what this was like. Especially since the colors were bright colors most people would never use.

Although it's nearly 20 years latter, it is still important to create a color palette for your website and stick with those colors. Since monitors and websites are now able to use a larger pallet of colors is it wise to know and document which colors your brand uses.

So how do you know which colors to use? One way is to review an HTML Hexadecimal Color Code Chart. To make it easy Brandwise has created an easy reference chart for you. Check it out here: Brandwise HTML Hexadecimal Color Code Chart.

We have used the Hexadecimal Code as well as added an example of the color for that code. If you are a brand manager, it might be wise to add your hexadecimal codes to your Brand Identity Style Guide so that everyone within your organization can help police the brand colors online, in email or the like. Branding is all about consistency. Your online colors help build that consistency so take them seriously.

Best of luck and happy designing!