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Self doubt and how it hinders your brand.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Although we all have bad days it's important to not let this become who or what you are.

Over the last two days I have talked to two people who were talking about how bad a certain area of life is. They were down in the dumps about something. I know both of these people are really smart and talented people, but they just couldn't get out of their own way.

One of the people I talked to told me all this stuff about google and how they didn't like his blog because the content wasn't specific enough about his industry topic. Ok, granted I have been telling him for over a year that using "Pot of Gold" as a keyword to get new business was a bad move, but he liked it, so move on. Now he got a big spike in traffic come St. Patrick's Day. This is great, but then the following month's traffic went down and below the previous months level.

I'm sure he talked to a marketing/seo person who told him this was a bad idea and google was punishing him for the use of Pot of Gold. Although I do not think this is the case, he believes it and now has slowed his blogging since he can't compete with Google if he's blacklisted. Here is the thing to keep in mind… this person wrote 2 "Pot of Gold articles. The problem is that 2 out of a total 30 articles written equals 7%. This is a not good but probably not something to get blacklisted unless the pattern continues. The other thing that's not good is that he only did 30 articles in 14 months. This is roughly 1 article every two weeks.

It's important not to listen to everyone's thoughts about blogging. Is it right for your industry? YES! It helps ANY and ALL industries if they do it right. If you can't do it on your own, hire or partner with someone to help. I hear people say all the time blogging didn't work. It doesn't if you are not committed to it and writing at least 1 article per week (preferably 2 or more per week). Google will not "ding" you unless you ARE trying to game the system. The lack of articles is a bigger problem than google dinging you for Pot of Gold articles. If you had 1 article a week that would be 60 articles and even if you used pot of gold twice it would only be 4% of all the articles.

The point here is this: if you hang around sinking ships, then you too will sink. This person is letting whoever is around him sway his opinion of himself and his blog. If you want to be in business and you want to succeed, step up and take a risk! Bet on yourself, do not second guess who you are or what you are doing. Why would I want to do business with someone that is not sure of themselves. Does this affect the brand? You bet it does, the brand is worthless if you have self-doubt. People can smell it a mile away and they will not buy the brand.

I know I went off on a tangent about the keywords, but here's why. This person never fully believed in blogging, he never fully got on-board with social media, yet he is pissed that it never made him rich. When I reached out to help several times, there was always some story about how bad things were, how a vacuum cleaner, car work or a broken futon were causing strife. Of course the brand is affected when you bring this trash to the office.

Ask yourself these questions-

  • Who are you?
  • Who are your clients?
  • Are these good clients or are they holding you back from who you want to be?
  • Who were your best clients over the life of your business?
  • Why did they do business with you?
  • Have you ever asked them this?
  • Have you created a buyer persona based on your best client and tried to find more of them?
  • Do your best clients read and subscribe to your blog?
  • Do they share your content on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook?
  • Do they comment on your blog? Why not?
  • Have you asked them what kind of articles they would like to read?

Every business needs an Attorney as a partner. So why can't this firm get business? Is it self-doubt? Or is it just that this person does not know how to sell? Or worse is it both?

If anyone knows a great attorney blog would you share it below. Thanks.

Also if you find self-doubt something you run into, how do you overcome it? Has it ever affected your company? Please share your story below in the comments.

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