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Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, May 30, 2012

Self-Promotion -

what… are you so great that you
do not have to promote yourself? I doubt it!

It happened again today. I ran across a writers linkedin profile and there was no link to samples of her work. The other day I ran across the same thing with a designer. Why is it that you would take the time to set up a linkedin or other profile and not set up a website to show off your skills.

If I want to hire you, I want to at least review where your talents lie. Design and writing can both be subjective it is important to show where you fit in. If there is no sample to show where you fit, guess what? You're gone. I and everyone else will move on to someone a little more serious.

So the tip of the day is this… if you set up online profiles, make sure you have all the info a person will need in order to have a conversation with you. A profile alone is not enough.

I do not understand why a person looking for freelance or consulting work would not have a website. This is the new resume. What decade are we in? Actually what century are we in? If you have a linkedin profile but no website or blog, then you are playing in the 1990's. In the digital world, we live our years like dog years, each 1 digital year is equal to 7 regular years.

I hope this helps some new writers and designers take that next step in their careers. If this was helpful share your thoughts below. If you have some other tips for writers and designers please feel free to add those as well.