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How are you monetizing your inbound marketing?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, May 29, 2012

What is the real goal of a website, inbound or any other form of marketing? Generating cash and a lot of it, right?

If this isn't your goal then congratulations, you may have easier goals to hit. If however you report to your CFO or CEO and they keep asking to see the results, what can you do? Well there is one thing you can do you can get more strategic with your inbound marketing.

Why not trying to use the inbound marketing roi calculator. This tool should help you define the number of website visitors you should need and the number of leads you should need in order to hit your sales goals. Now, really this should be left to or generated in partnership with your sales team. This would allow everyone to be on the same page.

Of course to get the best results the sales and marketing team should be focused on a smarketing program where the sales and marketing team are working together regularly to support each other.

Even if your team if not fully integrated, using the inbound marketing roi calculator should bring up some new questions and get you to better understand what kind of results your inbound marketing should be delivering. If you are under-performing or over-performing you can start to ask why and this will help you improve or build continual success with your current sales and marketing process.

I hope this tool helps you improve your inbound marketing. If you have any questions post them below and I will answer then asap. Best of luck and happy marketing.