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Kudos to CopyBlogger for cracking the quality blogging code!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, May 22, 2012

This morning I read a great article by CopyBlogger. Although CopyBlogger is a wordpress company their content is excellent none-the-less. This article was entitled: A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content per Week. If you haven't read it yet and you blog, you gotta read it right after you finish this article and make your comments below, Ha!

Seriously though creating remarkable content time and time again can be a challenge. CopyBlogger give you some great tips like Quality of Quantity. Now I'm all about remarkable content, but since I write long articles I am wondering if major edits would be better or just breaking articles into multiple articles. I will have to look into this. Any of you try this? If so share your thoughts.

Some other tips include:

  • The power of the Title
  • Build on the title with a Great Subhead
  • Mind Map a big list of articles
  • The basic structure of your post
  • Edit, massage and tweak
  • Publication and Promotion
  • create a writting schedule

Ok, so this article is going to be a short and sweet one for me. Try reading this article and start applying these ideas and before you know it your blog will be remarkable and easy to manage.

Best of luck and happy blogging!

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