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Why paying for Hubspot is better than going with Wordpress.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, May 17, 2012

For those of you running a business and questioning the best blog tools, you might want to look at a few different issues. Paid tools vs free tools. Wordpress has this great, huge user base and resources all over the web to get help. Wordpress is free so what's not to love?

Hubspot on the other hand is a monthly expense roughly $200+ per month. Wow that is costly, or is it? Hubspot has less users because only serious business people are going to spend this ongoing monthly expense to keep their website up.

Let's break things down a little. I am an experienced web designer who has been doing web design and development since 1995. In this time I have seen a lot of stuff, easy stuff, cool flashy stuff, advanced programming stuff and all kinds of content marketing and social media stuff. I have become pretty good working my way around designing sites and even some more advanced programming including HTML/CSS/javascript and the like. I by no means like programming, but I can whip around some code from time to time.

The reason I share this… is because the readers of this article need to know where I stand and where they fall on the spectrum of programming/seo skills. That being said, I must have worked with some 4-6 wordpress sites. Although you can find cool free and bought themes for your site design, the set up is a nightmare in most cases. I have only got one site up and running smoothly with little problems. Because the others were such a nightmare I lost my shirt and found this strategy to be very unprofitable.

Now let's take a look at Hubspot. I must have built 20 or 30 websites on Hubspot and worked on hundreds of hubspot sites over the years. Although early on it took a bit to figure out it was much easier to set up. I recently set up a site design on hubspot in 2 weeks and the client is now up and blogging with no problems.

The downside of wordpress is if you run into a problem or don't set things up correctly you are kind of screwed. You need to spend the next several days working on the site and searching for answers to the problem. Hubspot on the other hand offers free tech support and will usually have your problem solved in 20 to 30 minutes. In my mind this makes the investment worth every penny you pay hubspot.

The cons of Hubspot, monthly expenses forever. If this tool brings you back more money than it cost, is this really a con? Wordpresses pros are it is free and has a big user base, so if you find the right contacts you might be able to get solutions to your problems, but doubt most business owners could do this within 30 minutes let alone 3 hours.

Hubspot Pros:

  1. free excellent, friendly, knowledgeable tech support
  2. easy to use - no need to be a techie
  3. Powerful set of several tools built into one tool
  4. Proven track record for people who use the tool
  5. Excellent easy to use learning center to help advance your skills

Hubspot Cons:

  1. Ongoing monthly expense
  2. Challenge moving off the platform

Wordpress Pros:

  1. It's Free
  2. Huge userbase
  3. Many cool theme templates both free and for sale
  4. Easy to change platforms

Wordpress Cons:

  1. Tech support is not easy
  2. Tough techie set up
  3. Huge learning curve - you must be more techie to succeed
  4. Only one tool - if you want to do everything hubspot does you need to try and piece 5 or 6 tools together to do the same thing
  5. All learning is done through web searches

So the conclusion is although Hubspot cost money, it is well spent. I will never recommend any client of mine create a wordpress site for their main site. Sometime hubspot isn't a good fit for secure sites and this is where I would look into wordpress. If you are concerned about the money, chances are you will get you money back in the first 3-6 months.

If you are highly technical and can program inside and out and are a master SEO who likes playing with many, many other tools then wordpress might be good for you. For everyone else, go with Hubspot. I have seen both private and public companies succeed on hubspot, it really is a good fit for most comapnies.

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